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Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling in Tulsa, OK

Turn to therapist Deborah Farber, LPC for Christian counseling in Tulsa, OK. Servicing all of Oklahoma Virtually Online. Life gets hard. Good times come and bad times come. Sometimes good people go up against things that challenge even the strongest faith. We have no testimony without life tests, and going through those tough times develops the character we need to get through our next challenge. Talking to a Christian counselor can help you connect on multiple levels and help you to walk through your struggles in a safe, private environment.

Putting on a mask and acting happy when we are broken inside is exhausting. There are just times in life when we need to be real and let our guard down to face the things we are dealing with head-on so we can move on to the life we were created to live!

Call now for Christian counseling.