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Deborah Farber LPC

Sometimes life gets hard and making sense of everything we are feeling can be completely overwhelming and exhausting. When we are going through tough times, our emotions can feel confusing and out of control. We all struggle with things!

There are just times in life we just need a safe, non-judgemental place to process everything we are thinking and feeling. You are not a number and shouldn’t be treated like one. Reaching out for help is never an easy thing. Take the first step to your new life today; it can be the best decision you have ever made!

Every day is a new chance to become who you want to be!

How May I Help You?

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Family and friends who have never dealt with anxiety or overwhelming stress often do not understand what you are going through. There are many practical tools that can quickly help you start to feel yourself again.


Does it feel like your life is spiraling out of control? Depression can feel like a dark cloud following you around that you just cannot get rid of. Learn the coping tools you need to get your life back on track!

Marriage Counseling & Couple’s Counseling

Do you really know your partner? Take an in-depth look at your personality types, your uniqueness, and how to use those differences to your advantage. Learn things about each other you never thought to ask about!

Work With Me

My goal is to walk alongside you and to teach you how to be your own internal counselor using proven CBT and solution-focused techniques that will help you create a life that is all you desire it to be! Click here to book your appointment today!

Daytime & evening appts available online counseling via teletherapy.

Anxiety–Depression–Grief–Self-Esteem–Family Counseling–Marriage Counseling–Infidelity–Divorce Recovery–Stress–Parenting–Christian Counseling

Taking the first step to your new life can be life-changing!

Therapist Counseling
Transformations Counseling

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